Wednesday, December 17, 2008

My wonderful Mom made these beautiful dresses for the girls for Christmas. They want to wear them everywhere. We had our Family Christmas picture taken and they turned out really cute!

It was a lot of fun trying to get a picture of Bella. All she wanted to do was bang on the window.

Countdown to Christmas

We are one week away til Christmas is here. So far we have done our cards, newsletter, and family picture. We have some Christmas Decor around the house, a lost of Christmas books, but no tree. We have been waiting for Hans to be home one night so we can go get one. It is a week before Christmas so Hans just picked up a fakey at Target on his way home. The were not pleased about not getting to cut one down, (they had sooo much fun last year). So I just bribed them with promises of hot chocolate with candy canes while we decorate it tomorrow. Works every time. Tomorrow we are going caroling with goodies for the widows in our ward. I hope they are hard of hearing. Because these past weeks have been so busy we have not had a chance to do some of our traditions. So, we are cramming them all into this weekend. We are going to visit Santa, see the lights at the DC Temple, visit a huge drive by lights display with a Christmas carnival at the end, take goodies and carol to our neighbors, and watch the Grinch that stole Christmas. It should be a fun weekend.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Man those kids are cute!

You better not pout...Santa is coming...

I love Santa Claus. For one month I have less bawling, whining, and fighting. Sadie will start whining and then stop and say, "oh ya Santa is watching." And she is always reminding Hannah too. Hans has had a lot of trips for his job the last little while so hes getting behind on his "honey do" list. So we have a kid in our ward, about to go on a mission and looking for jobs, coming and doing odd jobs for me. It has been great! He cleaned out the garage and put up shelves and organized them. Then did the same in the basement and today he put up all of my Christmas lights. Tomorrow he is going to put together a dresser from Ikea that has been waiting for Hans for 5 months. Too bad he doesn't finish basements. Hannah was in the basement while he was here and she hit her head on something and he asked her if she needed a kiss better and she said, " You can't kiss me your brown." And he said "well your white." Hannah replied holding out her arms and looking at them, " I'm not white I'm golden." Hilarious!

Sadie taught Bella to growl and howl like a wolf. It is a little strange to see this cute chubby face popping up all over the place growling at you. I've got to get out the camcorder.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Thankful for Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving was the Best! We actually had family at our house. My cousin Holly and Jeff and their 4 boys came on Wed and will stay until Tomorrow (Sat). The kids have been so cute and good. We keep taking their temperature, but I think they are having so much fun they forgot to be stinkers. Right at this moment we are playing Risk and Hans really wants to sleep on the couch tonight so he keeps attacking me, and killing off all of my armies. What he doesn't know is that I am going to be like a mosquito with malaria who can't be swatted to him for the rest of the game.

Thursday we started off with a little Turkey Bowl Football. The men played for two hours and the wives and kids played on the adjacent field. Hannah scored a touch down and was really excited. I had to stiff arm a couple of 8 yr olds in the process but it was worth it. After football we came back and made an awesome spread of food while the kids made turkey crafts to hang in the windows.
Then it was time for the feast. Everything was great except for the apple pie. Hol forgot to put sugar in it so it was a little sour but the crust was GReat and it made for lots of funny comments.
This morning Hol and I went shopping and got some great deals. I wish they weren't going home tomorrow but we are planning Christmas with them and we are going to Raleigh next weekend for my nephews baptism.
Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Monday, November 17, 2008

all dressed up

Here we are!

House of crazy girls

Hello Friends and Family,
I am finally starting a blog so ya'll can stop bugging me. Just Kidding, I hope this will enable me to keep in touch with my favorite peeps a lot better.
So heres where we are at with my family. Hans and I are the proud parents of 3 (yes I said 3) girls. All as different as they can be. We have Sadie 7, Hannah 3 1/2 Bella 1 (almost). I'll see if I can figure out how to post a picture of them. We live in Northern Virginia just west of DC. We love it out here, but really miss our family in Idaho. Maybe someday we can move back....
I'll sign off with a quote from Sadie
"Mom I love you so much I think I'll turn into a lizard."
OOOO heres another one from last year that she said when we were trying to put eye drops in her eyes
"Daaaad your like an evil witch trying to cast a spell in my eye."