Monday, February 23, 2009


Soooo C c c oldddd.
I don't think I can walk Sadie to the bus in the morning any more. My ears are going to get frostbite.
happened to the mild weather of Virginia? I think I am getting soft.
On to bigger and better things. I love Valentines Day! I make everything the kids eat pink and red. Hans and I go on a big hot date with flowers and great mushy cards. Its the best. So I was really looking forward to this Valentines day and then I got a phone call from a nice Sister in the ward putting together a Valentines dinner theatre telling me that my dear sweet husband
volunteered us to sing a duet. AAAHHHH! its ok Sara breathe, so we can't sing no one will notice right!?!. So we ended up singing "a whole new world" from Aladdin. Now that it is over I can say it wasn't so bad, but my mouth full of stress canker sores still hurts. So that was Friday. On Saturday Hans went to the temple with out me, and after went to a Gun Show for 3 hours. He came home just in time for us to miss our movie but the night was still salvageable because we had reservations at this cool place called The Inn at Kellys Ford. As a nice surprise, since we missed the movie, Hans took me shoe shopping and bought 2 pairs of sweet shoes instead of flowers. I think that should be a tradition.
Then it was off to dinner. The first thing I heard when we walked in the door was really loud country sounding music filled with bad words that start with f. And then the host told us it would be 40 min wait. The gross music was coming from a pub/lounge in the basement of the Dining Room. And because there were only 2 chairs to sit on upstairs we had to go down to the lounge to find a seat. We ordered our sodas while this
barfarama cowboy sang awful Jimmy Buffet style songs, but when he started singing a song about never seeing a breast he didn't like, it was time to go and throw up somewhere, preferably on his guitar.
The dinner was fine and the atmosphere was too.
Ok so thats my funny story and while all true here is some stuff I left out.
Hans did volunteer us for the show, but he was going to sing to me on stage not have me sing. (I'm not sure which one would be more
Then Friday night he got up with the girls in the night so I could sleep even though he had to make the 7am session at the temple (1 hour away) to go with a couple in our ward. So he needed to let off a little steam and what better way than to go to a gun show and he ran a few errands for me too. My errands are what made him late so no biggie and the shoe shopping was way better than any movie. The whole gross cowboy was totally true and totally barf. But was soon forgotten except anytime anyone mentions Valentines Day, and anytime I might have to bring it up to get my own way. Just Kidding!
Happy Valentines Day Everyone!