Friday, January 6, 2012

Carlson 2011

Wow 2011 went by so fast I didn't post anything. So maybe I'll try harder this year

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Snow Days

Oh please let Virginians learn to drive in snowy conditions so my kids can go to school....
We have had 4 snow days plus teacher work days and I am ready ready ready for school to be in session.
The first few days
were lots of fun and then we all got cabin fever. We had a power outage during family movie night and had to light some candles and turn on the fireplace. Hans read a bunch of stories to the girls and they had to go to bed with no night light, Sadie said "This is sooo tragic!"

A New Yankee Fan is Born!

I think someone is Loving having a boy!


We had a really fun Christmas this year. The girls made gifts for each other and for their Dad. Hannah made Bella (with help from Grandma Fuller) 2 pillows for her doll bed and she made Sadie some napkins with horses on them. Sadie made Hannah a pink fleece Fancy Nancy blanket and she made Bella a blanket for her Doll. Bella gave her sisters Fury slippers with pictures that she colored stuffed inside. The Girls made Hans a book where they listed the top five reasons he is the greatest Dad in the world and drew a few pictures for him. He loved it.
Tyler loved Christmas morning so much he slept right through it in his bouncy chair.
I had a fantastic Christmas. I loved watching my girls get so excited about giving instead of getting. They were so excited to give each other the presents they had made for each other. My favorite present was however store bought. I have wanted one of the
se for many many years
A photo printer with 12X12 capabilities!
This may sound lame to some of you but for an avid
scrapbooker, a dream come true.
Hans also had a dream come true for Christmas and his birthday. We found a great deal on a flat screen so I finally agreed to get a new TV. When it arrived it was bigger than I thought. When questioned Hans said, "It was only
a little bit more for the bigger size" Riiiight

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Ok Mom here are some pics of the girls on Halloween.
Sadie is an astronaut
Hannah is a peacock (first and last costume I will ever make)
Bella is a China doll

Ya I know its been a long time

So my last post was in Feb. not much to tell after that because I was so tired I dont remember. Seriously. But now we actually have another boy in the house. On October 6th we welcomed Tyler Johan Carlson into our family. He looks just like Hans except he has red hair. My good friend Stacey and I went to the hospital the same day to be induced by the same DR. Our husbands kept texting each other with updates. They did not know what they were having. Ty was born first and then we got the text that we needed to pick out matching baseball uniforms, they had a boy too! Ty is a sweet baby and is finally sleeping for 3 hours at a time at night, that 2 hour thing was killer. All the girls just love him even Bella, they are three little mothering maulers. We are blessing him this weekend and all my family is coming.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Feb 2010

Hannah turned 5! She woke up and said "oh its about time, I have been waiting years, weeks, months, days!" She had a costume party theme and the kids had a great time. Linda made her a Fancy Nancy dress/cape to wear at her party which she went absolutely crazy over.
I went on my scapbook weekend and had so much fun, I can't wait to do it again. Hans had fun with the girls but I think he was glad to have me home. But probably not anymore because I came home unusually tired and a little sick to my stomach. Which has now turned into major exhaustion and nausea, hence the 2 pink lines in the picture. Hans might need a boys scapbook weekend in a few months!