Sunday, April 5, 2009

April showers please bring warm weather!

Hello Everyone
Sorry I haven't updated in a while but the webfittie icon was blocking the sign in icon so I haven't been able to access my blog. It is still blocking but I found a way around it. Anyway we are fine and dandy and ready for some warm weather.
I just took a trip to New York with a group of 9 women to see Lion King on Broadway. It was amazing! We had so much fun. So we decided to do it every year. I even drove in New York this time. The cabbies there are crazy! We stayed 2 nights and everyone went where they wanted to go. My Mom-in-law Linda and I went to the NEw York City Botanical Gardens to see the Orchid show. Seriously Cool, you were in a rain forest dripping with 100s of different kinds of Orchids with no bugs. We also went to the garment district to all the fabric and trim stores.
I have two great stories from this trip.
First, (I hope I can relay how funny this was because we are still laughing about it) We had 5 women staying in a hotel room for 4. We booked a room with 2 queens and a sleeper sofa. When we got there our room had a King and a sleeper sofa so they were going to bring up a roll away. Linda hid in the bathroom while the guy set up the roll away just in case they made a stink about us having 5. He opened the bathroom door to check if we had enough towels and pushed the shower curtain aside and there was Linda standing in the shower with her arms folded. She smiled at him and said "Hi" He said "O!" and then left. Way funny

2nd Funny thing. Linda and I went into an Italian bakery to share a treat. She really wanted this rum cake. She promised me that the rum gets all cooked out, she has had them before yada yada yada. So I ate my share first and when I was on my 5th bite my stomach started feeling really warm, uncomfortably warm. So to make a short story shorter, my Mother in law got me a little sauced. Hans says I can't go on any more trips with her. Ha Ha My only side effect was a warm tummy and a headache the next morning.

This week is Spring Break so I am taking the girls downtown to the zoo, museums, and to see the cherry blossoms. Should be fun!