Sunday, January 30, 2011

Snow Days

Oh please let Virginians learn to drive in snowy conditions so my kids can go to school....
We have had 4 snow days plus teacher work days and I am ready ready ready for school to be in session.
The first few days
were lots of fun and then we all got cabin fever. We had a power outage during family movie night and had to light some candles and turn on the fireplace. Hans read a bunch of stories to the girls and they had to go to bed with no night light, Sadie said "This is sooo tragic!"


That Darn said...

Hi Sar - I have been wondering if you were snowed in and now I know. I like your honesty on the 'fun for the first day'. Your girls are sure cute with all of their pink snowsuits and big snowman. Your little boy (is it Tyler?) is adorable.
Crossing my fingers for no more snow days for you.

Linnae said...

Sara, I know what you mean about being snowed in. It's great!...for awhile. Then you start going stir crazy. I love seeing pictures of your little family on here. Makes me feel like I've met them, almost. :)